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Spiced Grills & Indian Curries
Curry, Traditional Curries, Tandoori Dishes, Biryani, Indian
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Onion Bhaji


Vegetable Samosa


Meat Samosa


Chicken Chaat Puree

Diced chicken simmered in a tangy chaat massala sauce

Hot Meat Puree

Lamb cubed marinated in pickling spices, tossed in hot pungent spices and fresh green chilli

Kind Prawn Puree

King prawns tossed in a blend of medium herbs & spices with our speciality onion massala sauce

Tandoori Chicken (S)

Classic tandoor grilled on the bone chicken

Chicken Tikka (S)

Classic tandoor grilled chicken breast pieces

Lamb Tikka (S)

Classic tandoor grilled fillets of lamb

Sheek Kebab

Spiced minced lamb marbled with paneer cheese cooked by grilling in the tandoor

Mixed Kebab

Classic combo of chicken tikka, lamb tikka & sheek kebab & onion bhaji


Spicy sheek kebab rolls with fresh chilli and coriander

Haryali Tikka

Alternative chicken tikka marinated in an earthy blend of fresh mint, fresh coriander, green chillies, garlic & yoghurt

Lamb Chops

Juicy lamb chops tenderised in a delicate marinade and flame grilled to perfection

Gosht Ka Sula (S)

Fillets of lamb marinated in a spicy infusion of crushed red chilli, mustard oil & yoghurt

Paneer Shashlick Skewer

Skewer of grilled paneer with chicken tikka, onion & peppers, served with a sweet chilli dressing

Aachari Paneer Tikka

Indian cheese stuffed with pickling spices gntly grilled to perfection in the tandoor

Flamed Grilled Chicken (S)

Basted with our speciality spicy marinade

Spicy Buffalo Wings

Chicken wings coated in our hot 'n' spicy chilli sauce